Chilcott Pusey
Diane Chilcott, 40, (R) and Daniel Pusey, 21, (L) plied girls aged between 13 and 15 with cigarettes and alcohol before driving them to hotels where they were sexually exploited. Surrey Police

A man and woman who aided the sexual exploitation of vulnerable teenage girls at hotels in Surrey and London after plying them with alcohol and cigarettes have been jailed for 19 years.

Daniel Pusey, 21 of Money Lane, West Drayton and Diane Chilcott, 40 of Rutherwyk Road, Chertsey, exploited vulnerable girls aged between 13 and 15 years old between January and February 2016.

The victims would be plied with alcohol and cigarettes at Chilcott's house and then driven by her and Pusey to hotels in Staines, Twickenham, Tolworth and Heathrow.

Here they would be sexually exploited, some of them were also subjected to sexual abuse by Pusey.

The pair were sentenced at Portsmouth Crown Court on Monday (18 December) having been found guilty at Guildford Crown Court on 21 November of facilitating travel to exploit.

Pusey was caged for 13 years, while Chilcott was handed a six-year sentence.

In an earlier trial, which finished in April 2017, Pusey was found guilty of seven offences of sexual activity with a child in connection with the case, but this could not be reported due to legal restrictions.

Detective Inspector Richard Haycock, from Surrey Police's Complex Abuse Unit, said following the sentencing: "The bravery shown by those exploited throughout the entire process is highly commendable.

"I hope the sentencing of these two individuals brings some level of closure to the victims."

He added: "This was calculated exploitation of young teenage girls. These individuals who clearly knew what they were doing, supplying the victims with alcohol to make them even more vulnerable to sexual abuse.

"The offenders knew how old the girls were but continued to exploit them on a number of occasions and I commend the victims for their bravery in speaking to authorities and seeing the legal process through to the end, this has been a long and difficult journey for them."