Pakistan Charsadda university attack
Blood stains and flak jackets used by attackers in the hallway of a dormitory in Bacha Khan University in Charsadda, Pakistanafter a terror attack on 20 January Caren Firouz/Reuters

What could possibly annoy the Pakistani authorities more than the hacking of their websites? The hackers' English.

When officials read the message on the hacked website of Pakistan's Ministry of National Health Services, at least one wanted to send the cyberattackers to a primary school to learn English. The perpetrators claimed they brought down the website to show solidarity with the grieving families of victims of the recent Bacha Khan University terror attack.

The message on the hacked site read: "Rest in Peace You will be always miss. We just forget about them, InshAllah if our government didnt revenge against them we will revenge against them [sic]."

"Peshawar is Hurt. 19 January 2016. We still remember, We will remember and will break our enemy into pieces, Wake up Pakistan, its was war on hearts! [sic]" It added: "the message was posted by Wajid, Stome Boy, Baba Ge, Decent Boy, Rana Gee, Bilal and others."

The attack actually occurred on 20 January.

Officials have pledged to take action against those responsible for the act. But one senior bureaucrat responded to the Pakistani daily Dawn by saying: "Reading the messages, I started thinking about the continuously falling educational standard in the country. There were so many errors in the messages and even the selection of words made me want to send the hackers to primary school."

Islamabad administration has pledged to take stringent measures to combat growing terror incidents in the country, following the recent university attack carried out by four gunmen who stormed the university building and opened fire on students and staff members. Twenty-one people died in the attack.