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The baby also has a healthy sexual organ apart from the one on its back Pixabay/StockSnap

In a rare case, a baby was born with an extra penis on its back in Azerbaijan's capital city Baku. Doctors believe that additional sex organ was a part of the baby's parasitic twin who failed to develop inside the womb.

Doctors have successfully removed the parasitic penis from the newborn baby boy.

Apart from the abnormal growth of the second penis, the baby is reportedly normal and has been discharged from the hospital after the surgery. The procedure was carried out at the Scientific Research Institute of Pediatrics in Azerbaijan. The hospital has not disclosed the baby's identity.

The also has his normal reproductive organ. "The baby has a normal sexual organ where it is supposed to be. The penis on the back is a parasite, which has been surgically removed," said Gunduz Aghayev who heads the Early Childhood Surgery Department at the Scientific Research Institute.

It is believed that the extra penis was never detected during the mother's pregnancy. "Practically all there was left from him [the parasitic twin] was a penis that got attached to the brother's back inside the womb," Aghayev added.

Expressing his shock over the case in Azerbaijan, a doctor known only as 'AYU-Skromniy medved' told Daily Mail: "How is it possible that this is all that is left from the second baby?!"

While several such cases have been reported in the recent past, an extra sexual organ in the back is considered a very rare case by medical experts. A parasitic twin also known as Heteropagus Twins. It is a medical condition where a severely defective twin becomes dependent on the cardiovascular system of its healthier sibling for its survival.