Parenthood Season 6
Parenthood will air its series finale episode on 29 January NBC

Parenthood season 6 will end this week with its final episode and fans are eager to know how their favourite family drama turns out after its glorious six-year run.

The series finale is expected to be bitter-sweet as there are speculations that there will be a justified end to each character and the issues they are currently facing.

The previous episode saw Zeek, the Braverman patriarch cancel his heart surgery even as he was struggling with health issues.

While Amber delivered a baby boy and named the child after her grandfather, Sarah, on the other hand, is trying to speed up her wedding plans as she wants to walk down the aisle holding her father's hand.

Fans suspect that the season finale titled 'May God Bless and Keep You Always', means Zeek's final blessings to his beloved family.

The episode is expected to be high on emotions for more than one reason, as show star Peter Krause, who plays Adam Braverman in the NBC series, has hinted that the finale may get mixed reactions from fans.

Is he hinting at the Braverman patriarch's impending death? We'll have to wait and watch.

Referring to the season finale, Krause told E!Online, "I think some people will be really satisfied, and I think other people ... won't be."

But the same views were not shared by, Erika Christensen (Julia Braverman-Graham). She thinks otherwise and claims that the finale will be satisfying for fans.

"I think it will be really satisfying and interesting because it covers a lot of ground," Christensen told TV Guide.

"We go through three years, I think, of some more family developments. ...A lot can happen."

The actress also teased a three-year time-jump in the series finale and there are speculations that it may occur after Zeek's death, to show how the family moved on.

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Parenthood season 6 returns with the series finale on Thursday, 29 January on NBC.