FX's hit series The Americans returns with its third season tonight, 28 January, at 10pm.

The premiere episode is titled, EST Men, where Philip and Elizabeth's missions will get difficult and their family and integrity will be deeply compromised.

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The official synopsis of the episode reads:

Tensions simmer between Philip and Elizabeth as they disagree over handling orders from the Centre. When Elizabeth loses key intel, Philip enlists Annelise on a mission with an unexpected outcome. Stan tries a new approach to mending his marriage with Sandra amidst learning tough news about Nina.

After being informed that the Center wants to recruit their daughter Paige (Holly Taylor) in the season 2 finale, Philip (Matthew Rhys) and Elizabeth (Keri Russell) will have to make a tough decision.

According to a report in TVLine, differences between Philip and Elizabeth, related to Paige's recruitment in KGB, will continue to weigh on their marriage this season.

"Every time Philip rejects the idea of telling [Paige who they are], it's that weird marital dance of Elizabeth feeling rejected by Philip," Russell said and added, "You're rejecting everything I am."

The conflict between the couple is "really relatable" even if one is not a spy, she argued. "Raising children is an incredibly emotional experience. You each, as individuals, have different views on it, obviously, and it's everything to you," Russell explained.

"I think raising children is such a hot topic and such a button-pusher and I think that's where they're at. And it's the whole season.They just cannot see eye to eye on it," Russell told TVGuide.com.

The Americans is a show about two Soviet intelligence agents, Elizabeth and Philip Jennings who pose as a married couple, to spy on the American government.