A mother and father were arrested by North Texas police last weekend after finding the body of their 3-week-old son stuffed inside a five-gallon bucket of tar. The forty-something parents are facing charges of child abandonment and tampering with evidence while awaiting results of the investigation by the Collin County Sheriff's Department. More charges are expected to fall on the couple as authorities dive deeper into the death of their newborn child.

Investigators say that Roland and Donna Grabowski have provided them with "numerous lies" each and every time they would check in with the couple on the welfare of their baby. They made every attempt not to cooperate when asked about the whereabouts of their baby and told police their baby was staying with friends.

The sheriff's office received a call regarding the Grabowskis on Saturday morning, following reports of "suspicious circumstances'" involving the potential death of a child that was not reported to police.

When they arrived at the home, it was empty but they were able to track down the couple in Dallas by using records of their mobile phone calls. Roger Grabowski is a registered sex offender and served a total of five years in prison for sexual assault. His victims were aged 12 and 14 years old. He is considered high risk and required by law to register for life. Meanwhile, his wife Donna also attempted to lie to the cops about where the baby was born. She insisted that she gave birth at Medical Centre of McKinney. However, the hospital had no record of any live birth in her name.

WFAA reports say mobile phone records reveal conversations that seemed to show they were in the works of convincing a friend to let them use their child to trick the police into believing their own baby was well and safe.

One of their texts read, "I need you to say your baby is ours. Quick in and out. They just need to see."

"I've been in this business over 30 years and I've seen a lot of crazy things but this is the first time I've found a dead infant in a bucket of tar...and hopefully the last," Sheriff Jim Skinner said.

"They took the child and wrapped him in a blanket and submerged him into a five gallon bucket of tar and put him in a shed behind the residence." he added.

According to the couple, they woke up on the morning of July 29 and found their son, Micah, laying lifeless on their bed, claiming the baby could've possibly died from Sudden Death Infant Syndrome ( SIDS ).

The couple is charged with Abandoning or Endangering a Child, Abuse of a Corpse and Tampering With or Fabricating Physical Evidence. Roland is held on a $925,000 bond while Donna's bond is set at $1,075,000.

An autopsy is underway at the Collin County Medical Examiner to determine the baby's cause of death

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SIDS kills about 300 babies each year in the UK Istock