When a two-year-old child drowned in their family home, her parents decided that dissolving her body in a bucket of acid was the funeral she deserved. Mother Monica Dominguez and father Gerardo Zavala-Loredo claim that they were not with Rebecka Zavala when she drowned in a bathtub. The couple's four surviving children have been placed into protective custody. Even though they were not charged with Rebecka's murder, the parents will be serving a long jail time.

In February, police raided Dominguez and Zavala-Loredo's apartment to find the harrowing secret they were hiding. Police and first responders in Webb County, Texas were shocked to find the rotting remains of the toddler. In a large bucket full of acid, the police found a decomposing mass which they determined to be the child's body. Isidro Alaniz, Texas District Attorney, recalled how horrific the discovery of Rebecka's body was.

Dominguez was already on probation for fracturing six of her then nine-month-old son's bones. In court, the couple claimed that they were worried about the repercussion of Rebecka's death so they tried to cover it up. Dominquez stuck to the story that Rebecka drowned while bathing unsupervised.

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Parents caught trying to dissolve the body if their dead toddler in acid. Getty

Even though the couple has not been charged for murder, they confessed that they had been trying to get rid of their daughter's body. The Sun reported that the condition of Rebecka's remains made it impossible to perform a post-mortem study. Without a reliable post-mortem report, the cause of Rebecka's death could not be determined. However, for their negligence and for trying to cover up Rebecka's death, the parents will serve jail time.

Zavala-Loredo will be serving 14 years behind bars while Dominguez, who has already been convicted for child abuse, will be jailed for 20 years.

Not only will the couple be serving jail time, all children in their custody have also been removed. The four children, ages ranging from one to 11-years, have been placed under the care of Child Protective Services.