Paris attacks
Tech giants makes communication easy to stay connected with people in France Getty Images

In the wake of the series of terror attacks that left more than 120 people dead, some technology majors including carrier networks, in an attempt to make communication easy, are offering free call services over the next few days to France. Google, Verizon, Sprint and Skype are among the first to come forward and help people stay connected to relatives and friends in France for free.


Google has announced that by using the Hangout app you can make free international calls to France. Both Android and iOS versions of the app are now available for callers trying to connect with family and friends in the country. The internet giant has not mention details about the countries, so it can be assumed that Hangout can be used to make calls from any region where the service is available.


Skype has also announced that its app can be used to make free domestic and international calls to landline and mobiles in France. But note that this service excludes calls to special, premium services and non-geographical numbers.

"In light of the devastating events that have taken place in Paris, we want to help people stay in touch with friends, family and colleagues. So, with immediate effect we are making all domestic and international calls to landlines and mobiles in France free of charge for the next few days," noted Skype.

Click here to download Skype. Head over to Skype support page to know more about how to make calls to landline and mobiles.


The American broadband and telecommunications company, Verizon, is supporting customers by offering free calling from US to France throughout the weekend. Note the following details Verizon has shared.

  • Wireless customers will incur no charges for texts or international long distance calls originating from the US to France starting 13 November through 15 November 2015 (applicable taxes and surcharges will apply).
  • Home telephone customers can make free calls to France from their US landlines from 13 November through 15 November 2015 (applicable taxes and surcharges will apply).


Sprint, another network operator in the US, has removed the bar on international, roaming and SMS charges to France for Sprint, Boost and Virgin Mobile users. The network operator said that from 13 November, Sprint postpaid and prepaid customers from anywhere will receive free international usage to France until a "yet-to-be determined date".

"Our hearts and prayers go out to all of those personally affected by yesterday's unspeakable attacks in Paris. Amid the chaos and devastation, we want to do what we can to show our support and comfort to all Sprint, Boost Mobile, and Virgin Mobile customers," said Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure.


Meanwhile, Facebook has come forward to help its users through an initiative called Facebook Safety Check. This feature helps you find and connect with your friends in the area and mark them safe if they know where they are. You can also alert your friends if you are in any of the affected areas.