Samy Amimour
A house where Samy Amimour, one of the perpetrators of the Paris terror attacks is believed to have lived Eliot Blondet/AFP

The teenage wife of an Islamic State (Isis) militant that took part in the massacre of 130 people in Paris said she was very "proud" of him in emails to a friend revealed by investigators. Samy Amimour, 28, was one of three attackers that stormed the Bataclan theatre during a rock concert on 13 November, opening fire on the audience before blowing himself up.

90 people were killed at Bataclan in what was the deadliest of a series of coordinated shootings and bombings that hit the French capital. A few days later, Amimour's wife Kahina boasted about his crimes in emails to a friend in France that were intercepted by police investigating the attacks.

"Did the attacks shock you? LOL," the 18-year-old wrote, according to Le Parisien newspaper. "I am so proud of my husband and to flaunt about his merits... I am so happy".

Kahina, a French national, was writing from the IS-held city of Mosul, where she moved with Amimour after a period in the jihadi group's de facto capital of Raqqa, in Syria. "I encouraged my husband to leave to terrorise the French people who have so much blood on their hands. I'm so envious, I would have loved to have been with him to blow myself up as well," she wrote.

The pair had reportedly met when he was working as a bus driver in Paris, before becoming radicalised and leave France for Syria. Since he participated in the 13 November carnage she is believed to have birthed his child.

"Life is not peace, peace, peace, love, kisses. You kill us, I kill you. You fight us, I fight you," she wrote in another email. As long as you continue to offend Islam and Muslims, you will be potential targets, and not just coppers and Jews, but everyone."

Last week, Amimour was buried in an unmarked grave at a cemetery in Seine-Saint-Denis, north of Paris, where he grew up. The cemetery was closed to the public for the secret Christmas Eve ceremony.