A survivor of the terror attack at the Bataclan concert hall in the French capital of Paris has narrated the horrific ordeal she faced on Friday night after heavily armed Islamist militants opened fire at the auditorium. Isobel Bowdery, a South African national, said that she "played dead" for an hour to escape the assailants, who wrecked havoc on attendees at the Eagles of Death Metal concert.

The 22-year-old, described how a happy evening turned into a nightmare when four Islamic State (Isis) terrorists massacred innocent people. She posting a picture of a blood-stained vest and told how she survived the ruthless killers.

"It was just a friday night at a rock show. the atmosphere was so happy and everyone was dancing and smiling. and then when the men came through the front entrance and began the shooting, we naiively believed it was all part of the show. It wasn't just a terrorist attack, it was a massacre," she wrote in a post on Facebook.

isobel bowdery facebook
The image posted by Isobel Bowdery on Facebook Isobel Bowdery/Facebook)

"Dozens of people were shot right infront of me. Pools of blood filled the floor. Cries of grown men who held their girlfriends dead bodies pierced the small music venue. Futures demolished, families heartbroken. in an instant. Shocked and alone, I pretended to be dead for over an hour, lying among people who could see their loved ones motionless.. Holding my breath, trying to not move, not cry - not giving those men the fear they longed to see. I was incredibly lucky to survive. But so many didn't. The people who had been there for the exact same reasons as I - to have a fun Friday night were innocent," the 22-year-old said.

She also mentioned about some strangers who shielded other people by becoming human shields themselves. Bowdery stated that many fellow concert goers were equally scared, but they put up a brave face before her and reassured her that "everything will be ok".

"The way they meticulously aimed and shot people around the standing area I was in the center of without any consideration for human life. It didn't feel real. I expected any moment for someone to say it was just a nightmare. But being a survivor of this horror lets me able to shed light on the heroes. To the man who reassured me and put his life on line to try and cover my brain whilst I whimpered, to the couple whose last words of love kept me believing the good in the world, to the police who succeeded in rescuing hundreds of people, to the complete strangers who picked me up from the road and consoled me during the 45 minutes I truly believed the boy I loved was dead, to the injured man who i had mistaken for him and then on my recognition that he was not Amaury, held me and told me everything was going to be fine despite being all alone and scared himself, to the woman who opened her doors to the survivors, to the friend who offered me shelter and went out to buy new clothes so i wouldn't have to wear this blood stained top, to all of you who have sent caring messages of support - you make me believe this world has the potential to be better [sic]," she mentioned in the post.