Parks and recreation season 7
Parks and Recreation season 7 will premiere on 13 January, 2015 on NBC ParksandRecreation/ Facebook

Parks and Recreation season 7 will premiere on 13 January, 2015 on NBC. The premiere will be a two-hour event, and will showcase two episodes titled 2017 and Ron & Jammy.

This is also the show's final season and will bid farewell to the crazy people of Pawnee, Indiana's Parks and Recreation department.

A newly-released promo says: "The Farewell season of Parks and Recreation comes to you from the distant future", and going by the premiere episode title, it is obvious it will be set in 2017.

The story of the small-town parks department and a woman with grand political aspirations and her rag-tag team, currently ranks as NBC's longest-running comedy series.

Executive producer Mike Schur has teased what to expect in the show's farewell season.

Mike Schur told Tvline that the one-episode return of Rashida Jones and Rob Lowe will be "warm, happy and upbeat", and teased that viewers will get "some cool glimpses into what [Ann and Chris] have been up to in the years that they've been gone. It is going to be a really nice thing for people to see them."

Bringing Jones back for the farewell season is among Schur's top priorities.

"The entire series is predicated on Ann Perkins coming to a small public forum and complaining about something in her neighborhood," the producer previewed.

"That was literally the design of the show and it just wouldn't have felt right if we didn't have Ann back in one episode, at least. I'm really happy that it all worked out."

Previously Chris Pratt, who plays Andy Dwyer, also spoke about the series ending.

Pratt told Entertainment Weekly: "I feel sad. It's my home. I mean, mostly I'm excited because we're going to start in two weeks and so I'm just thrilled to get back to work and be back home with my friends and my family on that show."

While the Guardians of the Galaxy star is sad about the ending of the show, he feels that the show is better off exiting now rather than overstaying its welcome.

"I think people are ready for it to be done."

"The creatives, they have been working very, very hard. They've done what 130 or 150 episodes or something like that! And so that's a lot of work. Day in and day out they're writing episodes and trying to create stories that can somehow stay fresh with this same core group of characters," he concluded.

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