While most tech companies follow an annual product refresh cycle, Microsoft extends its schedule by a couple of months. Last, year, the Redmond-based company finally showcased a new finish for the Surface Pro 6.

The matte black colour of the detachable computer appears to be a favourable option for consumers. Hence, there are talks indicating the Surface Pro 7 might come in more shades than before. In the meantime, a new patent hints that wireless charging could be on the way for the new Surface Pen.

Sources are speculating the arrival of an updated stylus to accompany the release of the 2-in-1 detachable laptop. Looking back, the optional accessory started out with a passive induction system to register the nib's location on the screen. Now, cutting-edge technology allows the latest models to register up to 4,096 levels of pressure. This makes it more accurate and versatile for graphic designers to use in tandem with the high-resolution display of the newer Surface Pro units.

The current version of the Surface Pen is an active stylus powered by an AAAA battery. It is easy to replace and a fresh battery can make it last up to 12 months. Nonetheless, the switch to wireless charging implies the Surface Pro 7 will likely add new functionality as well. Microsoft has yet to confirm any of these rumours, but the possibilities the upgrade brings, sounds exciting.

According to Forbes, the new feature might also be available on other upcoming Surface devices other than the Pro. Until official details are announced, analysts have an idea on how the feature could work.

One of the suggestions points to the left side where the Surface magnetically attaches. Another one speculates that the wireless charging coil will be embedded under the display. The latter sounds feasible given that most users naturally just leave the stylus on top of the screen anyway.

Microsoft has temporarily stopped distributing its Meltdown and Spectre patches after some users reported PCs were not booting after installing the update SAM YEH/AFP/Getty Images

Other than the wireless charging feature of the Surface Pro 7, there are a couple more upgrades that consumers would love to see. Another patent discovered recently suggests a thinner Type Cover is in likely in the works.

As of now, the current detachable keyboard sports a 1.3-mm key travel. A reduction in size could compromise the typing experience unless the manufacturer comes up with a solution. Finally, a new version with an ARM-based chipset developed by Microsoft is also speculated to arrive later on.