Peanut butter can be used to lubricate the blades on your lawnmower Wiki

As National Peanut Butter Day draws to a close, we look at the wonder food that has become a tabletop staple as a toast-topper or sandwich-filler. First created in 1890 but not in spreadable form for another 43 years, it has become one of the United States' largest exports.

And it's not just the taste: some people use it for cosmetic purposes or to catch rodents. Here are five other apparent uses for the spread - if you dare.


If you are really a fan of the stuff, you could even shave your legs using peanut butter. Apparently it works just as well as shaving foam. It has the added bonus of containing oils, which are healthy for your skin - so you don't have to splash out on moisturiser.

Peanut Butter Cookie
Of all the uses for peanut butter, cookies take the biscuit Wikimedia Commons

Leather cleaner

If you rub a small amount into leather furniture, it polishes it rather well. Just don't forget to remove it with a cloth afterwards. You can add perfume oil to the peanut butter to make it smell less peanutty. Just don't eat it afterwards.

Lawnmower lubricant

Peanut butter is good for rusty blades on a lawnmower as it lubricates them well. The only thing is, do you prefer it on toast?

Chewing gum remover

The myths are true, peanut butter is useful for getting chewing or bubble gum out of your hair. It will also remove it from carpets or jumpers, or anywhere else gum might get embedded.

Mouse trap bait

Supposedly, mice love peanut butter as much as we do. Unlike the cartoons, the critters don't actually like cheese - but they do, however, like chocolate. Really want to tempt them? Try peanut butter and chocolate mixed together. Which actually sounds really good.