Dog passes out
Dog passes out from overwhelming joy in this YouTube video posted on 24 July, 2014. YouTube

A video showing a delirious dog passing out after seeing a family member after two years (14 dog years) in Pennsylvania, United States, has gone viral with over 17 million viewers in five days.

The dog, named Casey, a Schnauzer breed, is seen in the video twisting and turning while making squeaky sounds as he snuggles up to the unidentified woman. It subsequently struggles to stay on its legs but falls over to the ground. It eventually comes round and is cuddled by a man and the woman.

In a statement posted under the video, uploaded on 24 July by the channel's owner Rebecca Ehalt, it is stated that the family member had moved to Slovenia and hadn't returned to Murrysville in Pennsylvania in two years until the video was shot.

"Casey was taken to the vet and everything is fine with her," read the statement.

The video has attracted over 5,000 comments, including the comments below:

Dog passes out