A jilted wife has been caught on camera throwing her husband's mistress off a cliff after discovering his infidelity.

Lissette Lupo Mamani was filmed on CCTV lashing out at love rival Sandra Bruna Morales, 25 - after surprising her husband during his secret rendezvous in Arequipa, Peru.

The one-minute footage, posted online, shows unfaithful Renzo Zanabria Huanca having a heated conversation with his mistress when his wife suddenly appears.

He quickly flees the scene, leaving his enraged wife to take out her anger on his alleged lover.

Mamani is then seen dragging Morales by her ponytail toward the edge of the precipice, before pushing her into the 20ft ravine.

According to local reports, Morales escaped serious injury and was later treated at hospital for cuts and bruises.

Mamani claims she was in a blind rage and regretted the accident. She said she only remembered grabbing her rival by her hair, not throwing the woman off the cliff.

The mother-of four confirmed she has since left her husband.

Meanwhile, Huanca has appeared on Peruvian TV to beg Mamani for forgiveness.

"I pray, kneeling. I'm only interested in you and my children, because without you I will not be nothing. I ask, please forgive me. I know I've made mistakes," he said.