Many would think that competing companies would have bad things to say about one another. However, there are those that rely on one another to innovate the industry it caters to. The videogame market might be flooded by various platforms that include mobile devices, but the PC and home consoles are still the best systems available for top-notch experiences. While the PlayStation 5 is yet to make its debut, Xbox chief Phil Spencer reportedly had a good thing to say about its rival.

Unlike the processing power of a PC, home consoles are limited by the lengthy loading times. It does not matter if the games are on a disc or a digital copy, because the system will still rely on its storage medium to buffer the program. Nonetheless, it appears that Sony and Microsoft might finally overcome this hurdle, as the next-generation machines from each respective company will be equipped with advanced SSDs.

Based on what has been revealed so far, the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series will practically eliminate load times. It is speculated that programs and games will launch almost instantaneously. Therefore, in an interview with PC Games Hardware as translated by Comic Book, Spencer is reportedly happy that Sony opted to go with the most optimal storage system.

"I like that Mark Cerny and his team at Sony are also investing in an SSD for the PlayStation 5, the engines and tools can implement corresponding functions," noted the Xbox executive. "Together we will ensure a larger installed base - and developers will do everything possible to master and support the programming of these hardware capabilities," he added.

He likewise confirmed that Sony is keeping the technical specifications of the PS5 under wraps for now. Mojang, the developers behind the smash hit "Minecraft" is yet to receive a PlayStation 5 dev kit for its next-generation port. Microsoft already owns the game studio, which is probably why its competitor has not shipped one for now.

Overall, Spencer is looking forward to what game studios will be capable of, given the parity in terms of storage technology. A recently published report documented the capabilities of each console, thanks to leaked internal testing data from AMD. While it is not official, the results appear to confirm that the Xbox Series X might be more powerful than the PlayStation 5.

Xbox Series X makes its debut
Microsoft surprised those watching The Video Game Awards 2019 with the reveal of the Xbox Series X. Photo: Microsoft