Luis Suarez
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Liverpool Legend Phil Thompson has spoken about the major blow suffered by the club with Luis Suarez's departure to Barcelona. He also spoke about how the Reds have the means to cope with this massive loss.

Thompson feels that it is a big blow for the Reds to lose a striker, who was such a big influence in their title challenge and return to the Champions League. Suarez scored 31 goals for Liverpool last season despite being banned for the first six games of the 2013-14 campaign.

"A Luis Suarez in your side is always going to make your side far better," Thompson told Sky Sports.

"He might have been the best player in the world the way he played last year. He was absolutely superb and it was wonderful to have him playing for Liverpool and to be a star."

"We made him a superstar and we made Fernando Torres a superstar. Suarez gave everything for the cause and certainly helped Liverpool get Champions League football."

But the Reds Legend feels that it was a complete team effort that resulted in the fantastic season that Liverpool had in the previous campaign.

"But it was a fantastic season and it's not just about one man. It was a tremendous season and a lot of people came to the fore with a different brand of football. With or without Luis Suarez, I'm quite sure that will take place. It's whether we get the goals again," Thompson explained.

However, the former Liverpool defender feels that this was inevitable, and it was not the first time that it was happening to the Anfield Club. Great strikers have made Liverpool their home and then moved on to pastures new.

"But Liverpool Football Club has been surviving over the years. I go back to watching Roger Hunt and Ian St John and then along came Kevin Keegan and along came Kenny Dalglish and along came Ian Rush.

"You were always worrying if there'll be someone else, but sooner or later there is a superstar. Michael Owen and Robbie Fowler came along and then Fernando Torres and Luis Suarez.

"There have been great players and this football club will always move on anyway. Yes, it will be a loss without Suarez and his ability but I'm quite sure we are in good hands as long as we spend the money right."

Overall, Thompson feels that Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers is going about his business in the right way, looking at giving the Reds a good base for the future.

"I like what Brendan Rodgers is doing. He's looking now for the quality players that fit in with his vision for Liverpool Football Club and that is what he's trying to get right."

"I can see where he is trying to work from and he's trying to give us a good base. Who am I to argue with what he's done over the last two years for Liverpool?" Thompson concluded.