Villagers say 'werewolves' may have killed hundreds of goats on remote Sibale Island in the Philippines

Villagers on a remote southeast Asian island fear werewolves or vampire dogs could be on the loose after hundreds of goats were found slaughtered during the recent full moon.

Police on Sibale Island, otherwise known as Concepcion in the Philippines, have ordered locals to "shoot on sight" if they see any mysterious creatures.

The island's mayor, Lemuel Cipriano, said a team headed by the provincial veterinarian would conduct an investigation "to determine whether the goats were killed by werewolves, dogs or vampires disguised as dogs".

"It's a continuing goat massacre happening at the onset of the full moon almost every year since 2012," Cipriano told The Manila Standard. "So far, more than 200 goats had been massacred by this unknown killer."

According to Cipriano, the goat carcasses had been found in open fields with "telltale marks" such as "strangulated necks and gaping wounds in the stomach where the heart and liver had been removed".

Villagers state the attacks always occur on the eve of a full moon, between midnight and 2am.

Last Saturday, the remains of a pregnant goat and her kid were discovered on a coconut grove on farm at Barangay Poblacion. According to the owner, Charry Fajilago, the intestines of both animals had been removed.

Another farmer, Vincent Fajutagana, claimed to have come "face-to-face" with a mysterious creature at his Barangay Dalajica property, as reported by Au News.

He described the animal as a "big black dog with bloodshot eyes" which he told villagers was a "vampire that has taken the form of a dog".

Extra police armed with knives and sharpened bamboo sticks have been dispatched to the island to ward off the animals.

Agriculturist Nelia Yap told the Manila Standard: "We could not determine yet if the killers are werewolves, dogs or creatures pretending to be dogs."

The supermoons set to appear on 10 August and 3 September have already spread panic among the locals.

Cipriano said: "The long nights leading to the full moons will be nights of agony for the people of Sibale because they are certain the werewolves will attack again. This time we will prepared, and we will be vigilant."