Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte has remained defiant against critics in his bloody war on drugs and hurled expletives again – this time at the European Union. Recently, the EU had urged the Philippines to "put an end" to the killings of those involved in drug trade, to which Duterte said in a speech in his hometown of Davao, "I have read the condemnation of the European Union. I'm telling them, 'f**k you'."

In a combination of Filipino and English, the president said on Tuesday (20 September) that the EU was trying to "atone" for its sins and "guilt feelings" for occupying other countries in the past. He added, "I repeat it, 'f**k you'." He also raised his hand and gave the middle finger, which elicited applause from the audience.

Calling the EU "hypocrite", the 71-year-old said that the member states "has the gall to condemn me", despite what members such as France and Britain have done in the Middle East, he questioned.

On September 15, EU member countries called for stringent checks of human rights abuses in the Philippines after Duterte released a statement on his war against drug traffickers.

The EU lawmakers said in a five page resolution, "President Duterte repeatedly urged law enforcement agencies and the public to kill suspected drug traffickers who did not surrender, as well as drug users. President Duterte publicly stated he would not pursue law enforcement officers and citizens who killed drug dealers who resisted arrest."

In early September, he had directed profanities at UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and US President Barack Obama, after they expressed concern over the rising number of deaths from his war on drugs. He later apologised for calling Obama a "son of a w***e".

According to reports, at least 3,500 have been killed in police operations and other attacks by unidentified assailants, since Duterte took over office on 30 June.

Philippines Duterte drugs
Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte looks at a folder containing a list of government officials allegedly involved in drugs trade as he delivers a speech at a military training camp in San Miguel in Bulacan province, north of Manila on 15 September 2016 Ted Aljibe/AFP