The news that the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest was won by Conchita Wurst, a gay transvestite with a beard, has not gone down well in parts of Eastern Europe. Many Russians have expressed their distaste for 'the bearded lady' with a combination of homophobia, nationalism and humour.

Russian men have posted photos of themselves shaving off their beards to show they are real men, not drag queens.

The caption on this picture reads: "Shave, do not be like a woman!"

The chap in the photo below was so mortified by the result that he shaved immediately:

Andrei Malakhov, a Russian TV personality, was 'shocked' at the result:

Anton Korobkov, a well-known pro-Putin blogger, tweeted this shaving selfie.

Russian rapper Aleksandr Stepanov posted photos of himself shaving on Instagram, with the hashtag 'prove you're not Conchita'.

Amid growing tensions over the Ukraine crisis, some Russians have blasted Wurst as an example of the West's decadence.

Many of the tweets play on the crisis; with Russian nationalists suggesting that beards are somehow European.

Pro-European politician Yulia Tymoshenko is pictured with a beard:

The caption on this picture suggests that this is what the typical European family looks like:

Eurovision is supposed to be completely removed from politics, but every time Russia got votes many in the audience booed, and when Russia gave its top marks to Armenia, Azerbaijan and Belarus more boos were heard.

Surprisingly, Russia gave Austria five points, which shows that not all Russians are homophobes who dislike Conchita Wurst; some positively welcome decadent, European beards.