Pitbull terrier
Pitbull terrier (file photo) Getty Images

A pitbull terrier injured three members of a family after one of them tried to dress the animal in a sweater.

When owner Brenda Guerrero, 52, tried to pull a sweater on to the dog, named Scarface, it became enraged and attacked, reported the Tampa Bay Times.

Brenda's husband, Ismael Guerrero, 46, tried to pull the animal off her and was also attacked, and when Antoine Harris, 22, tried to stop the animal by stabbing it in the head and neck he was bitten.

All three escaped from the backyard in Tampa Bay, Florida, where the attack took place, into a house, leaving the animal outside.

Animal services and police attended the scene, and shot the dog with a tranquiliser gun.

However it managed to re-enter the home and to get to a back room where there were two young children, before police stopped it using a bean bag gun and taser.

Animal services then used a catch pole to gain control of the animal.

Brenda and Ismael Guerrero were taken to hospital, with Brenda Guerrero's injuries serious but not life-threatening.