Suffolk Police are investigating reports that a small aircraft has come down in bad weather near the village of Banham close to Thetford on the Norfolk-Suffolk border.

A member of the public told police they saw what appeared to be a light aircraft or helicopter make a controlled landing with a trail of smoke.

So far no plane has been reported missing and no explosion has been reported. However, a number of emergency services have sped to the scene including Norfolk and Suffolk Fire and Rescue Service and a police helicopter.

A police spokesman told MirrorOnline: "Emergency services are currently in attendance in the Barnham area of Suffolk, following a report by a member of the public of a helicopter or small plane landing in difficulty.

"Police received a call at 10am today from a member of the public reporting a possible helicopter or plane descending in a controlled manner with a smoke trail. Emergency services are currently at the scene and the police helicopter has been deployed to assist the search."

The police spokesman continued: "We're searching an area close to the crossroads and have been in contact with RAF bases to check for any training exercises that might have been carried out this morning."

Eyewitness Keith Mindham said he was driving when he saw what appeared to be a bright light, like a flare, slowly descending as if form a parachute.

"It was slow moving, sort of free moving and that's all I saw," Mr Mindham, 58, told the Eastern Daily Press. "I didn't see any smoke or bits of debris."

Weather in the East Anglia region has been poor over the past few days. However, a predicted storm surge for the east coast has failed to materialise and most residents have been informed it is now safe to return home.