In a sensational trial of experiment, a UK-based scientist sealed himself in an airtight box along with 150 plants said; the plants have to provide me oxygen to keep me alive for two days.

Professor of Geosciences at Plymouth University and TV anchor Iain Stewart sealed himself in the 6-foot by 9-foot by 25-foot chamber with 150 plants on Thursday night, The Daily Telegraph reported.

Ian said this experiment is to recognize plants as the lungs of the planet. "People don't think of plants as our life support system without which life wouldn't be able to function," The Independent quoted.

The initial hours of the experiment will be carried out in the dark. However, scientists will initially monitor Ian's body and conditions in the chamber, before switching the lights on for plants to begin photosynthesizing.

Ian was quoted as saying by The Independent, "This experiment has never been done before with a human, it seems a fascinating challenge to see if plants really could keep a person alive. I cannot think of a more powerful way of driving home to the viewer the importance of photosynthesis."