For who have been regularly reading news related to technology, Sony might have been showing up on headlines of late. The Japanese company earned its spot courtesy of several slip-ups related to gaming in general. Consumers are still waiting for any update regarding the PS5, but unfortunately, none have been hinted at to date. In fact, the most recent discussion about the console was about the price, which is also not looking good for gamers. However, a new development might have just confirmed the development of the PlayStation VR 2.

Reports recall that shortly after being ridiculed for the PlayStation CES 2020 presentation, Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) president and CEO Jim Ryan confirmed in an interview that there are more surprises in store. Hence, sources speculate that the recently published patent document for a new VR controller could be a clue to what the company's development team is up to next.

Sony has patented a new VR controller that supports finger tracking and is similar to the Valve Index and other PC VR devices

— Nibel (@Nibellion) February 19, 2020

With the original PlayStation VR, gamers control the gameplay with the aid of the PlayStation Camera and up to two PlayStation Move Motion controllers. Unfortunately, the design of the latter does not allow for accurate finger tracking technology such as those found on more expensive PC-based VR headsets. As indicated on the SIE patent, that might soon change as the alleged PlayStation VR 2 controllers might have added these missing nuances.

According to VentureBeat, the patent lists the item as a "Controller Device" intended for a "home-use game machine." Additionally, it was noted that it can "detect the fingers of the user." The images show an ergonomic design with a trigger for the index finger and multiple proximity sensors on the grip. Additionally, a strap is available to keep the controller from slipping off.

Virtual Reality PSVR
The PlayStation VR being demoed at Gamescom 2016 Reuters

The upper section where the thumb would generally rest is what might be an analogue stick with four face buttons around it. The Sony PS5 is yet to be unveiled in its final retail form, but insiders claim it will be a powerful gaming machine. Most analysts predict that a follow-up to its VR platform would be feasible for the company given the success of the original. News related to the PlayStation VR 2 should be taken with a pinch of salt for now until the developers make it official.