A British woman is in a critical condition as her body fills up with faeces. Kelly, Yeoman, 34, is slowly suffocating in her own waste after complications during routine surgery.

A horrifying X-ray shows the impact of the faecal matter that has built up inside Kelly's body and is immersing her organs.

Her bowel stopped working after it was knocked during a minor operation 11 weeks ago. She has not been able to go to the toilet since and her faeces is building up inside her body.

She will 'drown' in her own excrement unless something can be done soon. Her lungs and diaphragm already been squashed by all of the poo inside her body.

"For those who don't quite understand the extent of my condition,this is my X-ray: the whole thing is a picture of fecal loading can't even see my organs," Kelly wrote on Facebook.

"And yes it's all in my chest too, my diaphragm and lungs are so high up I can barely breath."

Now her friend Kate Rankin has started a GoFundMe page in the hope that she can raise enough funds to get Kelly admitted to a private hospital in London that specialises in bowel treatments.

"Her body is literally filling with poo," said Kate. "She is regularly vomiting a foul mixture of her last meal and her own excrement, and she is struggling to breathe."

"For ten long weeks, Kelly has been lying in her hospital bed, on a cocktail of the strongest painkillers, being subjected to a series of increasingly humiliating and painful procedures, while nobody seems able to find a solution," Kate added.

"At any moment, her bowel could perforate. Nothing seems to be working and we are watching her go gradually downhill – she is almost unrecognisable as our happy, strong and determined friend.

"Every day she seems to fade further away and we are all beginning to fear the worst."