Twin Polar Bear Cubs Born At Sea World In Australia
The two cubs were born at Sea World in Australia

A polar bear cub born at SeaWorld on Australia's Gold Coast last month has died.

The cub was one of two born to 16-year-old polar bear Liya on 26 April.

"Initial concern for the welfare of the smaller of two cubs was raised last Thursday (4 May), when it was eight days old," said SeaWorld's director of marine sciences Trevor Long.

"Of the two cubs, one was more dominant and it was considered the smaller cub was not getting enough milk or growing at a healthy rate.

"Liya had also begun to focus more of her attention towards the larger cub.

"Our ultimate aim was to give Liya every opportunity to raise both cubs, however, the situation worsened on Saturday morning when it was observed Liya was no longer being attentive toward the smaller cub."

The cub was given fluids, a specialised formula and placed in a humidity crib, but it died on Saturday.

The mother and remaining cub are being observed 24-hours a day. Liya previously lost a cub in 2013.

Last month, the SeaWorld in San Antonio, Texas, announced the birth of an orca calf at its park – which is the very last killer whale to be born in the company's care.

SeaWorld has come under fire from animal rights activists for keeping the huge mammals in restrictive pools.