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The Metropolitan Police has apologised for the shooting of Cherry Groce in 1985.

The Metropolitan Police has apologised to the family of a woman shot by an officer in 1985, the incident that sparked the second Brixton riots.

Cherry Groce was left paralysed from the waist down when she was shot by police, who were looking for her son Michael in connection with a robbery. She died in 2011.

Insp Douglas Lovelock, who shot Mrs Groce, was cleared of all criminal charges in 1987.

Commander Neil Basu said: "There is no doubt that the Met were responsible for the injuries to Mrs Groce in 1985 and it is only right that her family receives an apology.

"I am happy to for it to be known publicly that I met with her son and offered him and his family an apology on behalf of the Metropolitan Police Service."

Michael Groce was never charged with an offence relating to the armed robbery.

The shooting led to a major review of Metropolitan police gun policy, and CID detectives were banned from carrying firearms.

As news of the shooting spread in September 1985, crowds gathered outside Brixton police station, expressing years of pent-up anger at what they claimed were excessively aggressive police tactics.

As violence escalated, rioters barricaded Brixton road with cars which they set alight with petrol bombs, and looted shops and businesses.

Dozens of police officers were injured in clashes, and a photographer died after being struck on the head with a brick.