Bush's villa, which is near Marbella and Estapona.
Bush's villa, which is near Marbella and Estapona.

Police are hunting the ex-partner of a millionaire who has been found shot dead in his luxury villa in the Costa del Sol.

The man, named locally as businessman Andrew Bush, 48, was found dead on Saturday morning with gunshot wounds to the head.

Bush is reportedly the owner of the Andrew David's jewellers, along with several other businesses in Bristol, and his body was found after police forced their way into his property following an emergency call from Bush's girlfriend.

A source close to the investigation told the Telegraph: "It is being treated as murder and police are hunting the dead man's ex on suspicion of committing this crime.

"They are probing the possibility she may have let herself into the property while the occupant was away and waited for several days for him to return."

Bush's girlfriend, who has not been named, told police that Bush's ex-girlfriend opened the door to them as they returned from a week away.

She made an emergency call to police having been locked out of the house after the ex barred her way in, then sped off in a vehicle reported to be one of Bush's Humvees.

An Audi that police believe was used by the killer, along with a Porsche and Ferrari believed to belong to Bush, were taken away by authorities.

A neighbour, who asked not to be named, told the MailOnline: "All we know is that she's [the victim's ex] in her early twenties and comes from somewhere in eastern Europe.

"From what I've heard the police are treating it as a terrible act of jealousy.

"I can't begin to imagine what the girlfriend must be feeling right now. She could so easily have been killed as well."

A spokesman for the local emergency services said: "We received a call at 2.10am on Saturday morning from the partner of the dead man because she could not gain access to the property.

"Firefighters managed to get in and found the man lying dead inside with a gunshot wound to his head. Police are now investigating."