Two people accused of carrying out hate crime in Baker Street Station on the London Underground Twitter/@AnisoAbdulkadir

A Muslim student has accused a man of trying to rip off her hijab during an assault on the London Underground.

Aniso Abdulkadir, 18, was waiting alongside two friends at Baker Street Station when a man and a woman allegedly launched their attack in the early hours of Saturday (15 July).

In a Twitter post picturing the alleged perpetrators, Abdulkadir claimed the man grabbed her headscarf before assaulting her friends.

"This man at Baker Street station forcefully attempted to pull my hijab off and when I instinctively grabbed ahold of my scarf, he hit me," she said.

"He proceeded to verbally abuse my friends and I, pinning one of them against the wall and spitting in her face.

"The woman was throwing out threats and was also verbally abusive."

A friend of Abdulkadir who appeared to have been involved also took to Twitter to try and identify the pair.

"These two at Baker Street station were racially abusive, the man tried to pull my friends headscarf off and pushed me against a wall, find them," she wrote.

"Racism is a real thing people choose to ignore, we really do live in a pathetic society where people are all talk and completely useless.

"I'd just like to take a moment to emphasise on my disgust on the people who witnessed a grown man pull an 18 year old's hijab and remain silent.

"Believe me, there were more than 20 to 30 people and not a single person helped. People just watched and filmed, ****** pathetic."

The original post has been retweeted over 24,000 times and British Transport Police (BTP) have confirmed they are investigating the incident.

"Behaviour like this is totally unacceptable and will not be tolerated," a spokesman for the BTP said. "This incident has been reported to us and we're investigating."

The woman accused of verbal assault is described as black and around 5"10 while the man is white and around 6"2. Anyone with information about the incident is asked to call police.