A police officer who was facing the sack for unwanted sexual actions towards another member of staff while he was working has quit his job.

Inspector Andy Grand's resignation means that he will be able to keep his lucrative £40,000-a-year pension.

The inspector had harassed several of his female colleagues by groping their bottoms and making lewd comments.

Speaking to one of his disabled colleagues who used a walking stick, he said: "I could kick that away and I'd fall on top of you."

The 52-year-old married officer was also found to have engaged in sexual activities with other colleagues while on duty on at least five separate occasions.

His exit from the force comes just days before he was due to face a disciplinary panel for "predatory and exploitative" behaviour.

Grand was a police officer for almost 30 years, and worked in Surrey Police's control room, which involved heading up the response to breaking incidents, including those that involved armed members of the force.

However, staff were left unimpressed by his lewd behaviour which was described as "utterly unprofessional" at the misconduct hearing.

Grand also ran the force's judo club, where he allegedly touched three women on their bottoms and stroked one woman's leg in a sexual manner all in front of other members of staff.

During one instance, he rubbed a woman's stomach and asked: "When are you going to pop one out?"

He also messaged a colleague on Facebook asking if she was "very naughty" and suggested that they have a threesome with another officer.

Grand quit of his own accord before a disciplinary hearing, so will not be punished. He also did not attend the hearing, which found nine of the 10 allegations against him proven.

Speaking to the Sun, his union representative, Det Sgt Paul Campbell, said Grand was willing to "apologise for certain things but not for things he didn't do".