We've now just got seven days to go before the general election and it looks like Labour could be totally wiped-out north of the border.

A poll from Ipsos MORI showed that the SNP are set to win all 59 Scottish seats as the nationalists are on 54%, well above Labour's 20%.

The data also means that the Tories will lose their sole seat to Sturgeon's party and the Liberal Democrats will lose all 11 of their seats in Westminster.

The figures mean Jim Murphy is set for humiliation come 7 May and a Labour wipeout in Scotland would severely dent Ed Miliband's chances of entering Number 10 after the election.

Greens woo parents

Elsewhere, the Greens hope to win over parent voters by promising to double child benefit to £40 per week in England and Wales.

Amelia Womack, the deputy leader of the Greens, described the policy as "bold" and argued that it sets her anti-austerity party apart from the pack.

"In the midst of such struggle in this country, the Green Party are offering something unique: hope. We make this one very clear promise to voters: we will always stand for an economy, a society, that works for the many, not just the few," she said.

The left-of-centre party have also pledged to keep Independent Living Fund, which provides money to help disabled people live an independent life. The policy would cost around £300m.

Farage's big claim

Finally, Nigel Farage boldly claimed that the SNP are "openly racist" towards English people and described their behaviour as "totally extraordinary".

But the SNP did not take the allegations of racism lightly and subsequently hit back at Farage's "disgraceful" remarks.

"These disgraceful comments – which aren't just offensive to the SNP, but to the majority of people in Scotland on current polls – show exactly why the people of Scotland reject Ukip," said Humza Yousaf, an MSP for the SNP.