The TV leaders' debates are still high up in the news agenda. Ed Miliband took the opportunity to brand David Cameron a "coward" at Prime Minister's Questions after the Tory leader said he would only do one of the debates before the election campaign started.

The Labour leader attempted to lobby Cameron into a head-to-head and called on the prime minister to "show more backbone". But Cameron did not take the bait and claimed that, unlike Miliband, he wanted to talk about the future of the country, not "the future of a TV programme".

Brown on Brexit

Elsewhere, Gordon Brown made a somewhat extraordinary claim. The former prime minister warned the UK would become the European equivalent of North Korea if it left the European Union (EU). But the Labour grandee stressed pro-EU politicians should press for reform in Brussels.

The comments come after Cameron promised a Tory government would deliver an in/out referendum on the UK's membership of the EU in 2017. In addition, the Eurosceptics over at Ukip are eating into the main parties as they consistently poll around 15%.

The J Factor

Finally, Justine Miliband made her first major TV interview debut. The Labour leader's wife warned her husband would face "really vicious" attacks in the run up to the vote in May. But the barrister and working mother told the BBC she was "really up for the fight".