It has all been about what is on the box in Westminster this week as the political leaders clashed over the TV debates ahead of the general election.

David Cameron said he would not take part in the shows unless the Green Leader, Natalie Bennett, is included.

But Nick Clegg, Nigel Farage and Ed Miliband formed an unlikely alliance to pressure the prime minister to join in. The leaders warned the Tory premier he could be "empty chaired" if he no-shows.

Elsewhere, Ukip finally announced its candidate for the South Basildon and East Thurrock seat.

The move comes after Kerry Smith, its former prospective parliamentary candidate (PPC), was caught out making homophobic and racist remarks, while Neil Hamilton pulled out of the selection process.

Let us hope that Ian Luder does not enjoy "peasant shooting".

Finally, coalition partners Clegg and Cameron have fallen out over proposed terrorism laws.

The Liberal Democrat leader criticised the PM's so called 'snoopers' charter' and said privacy was a "qualified right".

But Boris Johnson came to his leader's defence, arguing the security services needed new online data laws.

The Mayor of London told the BBC: "You have to wonder whether in the future, or indeed at present, whether there are communications taking place that are impossible for our services to reach under the current law and whether we could make that interception easier."