Labour's plan to penalise private schools if they do not help state school children has split the political class.

The Shadow Education Secretary, Tristram Hunt, said a Labour government would introduce a School Partnership Standard (SPS), which would require all private schools to form "genuine and accountable" partnerships with state schools.

There is a lot of money at stake for the country's private schools – the tax breaks are worth up to £700m ($1,097m, €883m) over the next Parliament.

Mark Ferguson, editor of LabourList, praised the policy move.

"Labour is at its best when tackling entrenched and unaccountable privilege. Hunt's proposals are in that tradition." Ferguson said.

Likewise, Hopi Sen, a well-known political blogger and former Labour staffer, also supported the announcement

"Can't think of anything more reasonable than expecting a charity to behave like a charity," he said. "Totally support tax pressure on private schools."

But Guido Fawkes, the right-wing libertarian blogger, blasted Hunt for "going after" private schools.

"Rather than recognise the billions of pounds private schools save taxpayers, Hunt is threatening to take away their tax breaks unless they help bankroll state schools," Fawkes said.

"Parents pay for education out of taxed income, now Labour wants to tax the taxed cash again.

"If educating children is a public good it should either be tax deductible or, as it is now to some extent, at least tax sheltered.

"Or the state should rebate parents the average cost of a state education if they go private."

Sam Freedman, a director of research at Teach First, gave a more nuanced take on Hunt's announcement.

"[The] main problem with Hunt's plan is that it assumes all private schools have things that state schools need/want, which they don't," he said.

The policy proposal comes after Miliband said a Labour government would introduce an annual property tax - known as the mansion tax - on high value homes worth at least £2m.

The Labour leader said the £1.2bn-a-year proceeds of the levy would help fund the NHS.

This plan was notably criticised by media personality and model Myleene Klass, who told Miliband his tax would hit the "little grannies".

A future Labour government would also cap private rent increases and abolish letting fees to estate agents.

With Miliband's policies in consideration, IBTimes UK wants to know if you think the Labour leader should launch a "class war" ahead of the 2015 General Election?