A catholic couple married by the Pope himself in the grand hall of St Peter's Basilica in Rome. This is the first papal marriage ceremony in 14 years, and it's a groundbreaking one.

Many of the 20 couples married here are already living together, and these two, Gabriella and Guido, have already had children.

It's yet another sign that the new pontiff wants to modernise the Vatican, and is willing to accept and forgive that many Catholics today have sex before marriage, use contraception, divorce and remarry.

Pope Francis also went off script when he delivered this message to the newlyweds.

"A small piece of advice: it is normal that newlyweds argue, it happens and it's normal. But I advise you never to end the day without making peace, never. All it takes is a small gesture. And that is how you'll keep going forward," he said.

The ceremony comes ahead of a meeting of the world's clergy in Rome in October, where the results of a worldwide survey launched by the Vatican last year to find out what Catholics really think about its teaching on marriage and family life, are due to be announced.