While Pope Francis I gets used to his new role in charge of the Roman Catholic Church, manufacturers and retailers have flocked to take advantage.

A host of tacky memorabilia celebrating Francis's papal election has hit the shelves, with bookmarks, T-shirts, posters and even Pope soap on a rope available for worshippers and trophy hunters to buy.

The image of the former Argentinian cardinal Jorge Bergoglio has been plastered over all manners of objects since his election by the conclave of cardinals.

Canadian website CJAD said shops in Vatican City were full of souvenirs within 12 hours of the new pope's election.

One vendor said how staff members worked through the night to get memorabilia ready for the morning sale.

One woman who had bought a whole basketful of papal goods, said: "I'm picking them up for my daughter's class. They were just so excited about this but couldn't be here so I wanted to bring them back a little treat."

Here are some of the best souvenirs available online.