"It happened so quickly. I don't remember much of it," said popular diver and spearfishing enthusiast, Nat Davey, as he recalled being caught in the midst of two Galapagos sharks trying to attack him.

The incident reportedly took place while he was on a diving trip about a year ago with his partner Rochele Potter at remote Ascension Island in the South Atlantic Ocean.

Davey told New Zealand Herald that he had speared a Yellowfin tuna for dinner and was pulling it out of water when the two sharks suddenly emerged and headed straight towards him.

"I didn't see the shark coming or anything like that. I shot the tuna and swam up and as you look back down, there's the shark following you back up," Davey said.

"I thought 'Oh wow, ok'. That was at the stage when I realised this could go a bit pear-shaped because the shark didn't go straight on to the fish, it came in on me rather than the fish.

"They were hitting me in the stomach, with their heads so I actually assumed I'd been bitten. That was when I screamed. I had let go of the tuna at that stage.

Shark attack
Popular diver and spearfishing world record holder Nat Davey of New Zealand described his diving trip to Ascension Island in August 2016 when he was attacked by two Galapagos sharks while spearfishing - File photo Bernard DUPONT

Davey explained that generally sharks can feel or hear the motions of a speargun and approach divers for "free feed". However, he was not sure if letting go of his catch would prevent the sharks from attacking him.

After being hit by the sharks, Davey said he grabbed his knife attached to a weight belt and jabbed it into each shark as it came closer to him. "I don't remember stabbing them in the head...I definitely remember them pushing me around in the water." He estimated the sharks weighed between 150kg and 200kg each.

He had a GoPro camera attached to his head gear that recorded the entire encounter. "It happened so quickly. I don't remember much of it. Not until we actually watched the footage back that night, it was like 'Wow, that actually happened'. Crazy stuff," he told the paper describing the incident from August 2016.