Plastic surgeon Olivier Branford has been suspended by the General Medical Council and remains under investigation. Earlier this year, a well-known model reported inappropriate behaviour exhibited by the surgeon after she became his patient. Following the complaint by the model more reports of sexual misconduct emerged. Initially, the doctor was allowed to continue his practice if he followed certain rules. However, the London based doctor has now been suspended from practice while the complaints are being investigated.

Until June 2020, Branford had over 250k followers on his social media pages. The popular social media influencer in the field of plastic surgery was forced to quit all the platforms after charges of malpractice against him. A well-known model, who has not been named, accused the surgeon of sending inappropriate messages to her.

The woman in her 30s had undergone surgery on her breasts at a clinic in Chelsea. After the surgery by Branford, the woman kept receiving messages from the doctor. He reportedly kept sending her sexually explicit messages.

Following the complaint from the woman, the General Medical Council initiated an inquiry The Sun reported. Since the first complaint against the 46-year-old doctor, another model came forward to report sexual misconduct. She said that she had contacted the doctor after hearing great reviews. Bradford supposedly sent her lewd images and videos of himself. He also allegedly begged her to start a sexual relationship.

There are at least three complaints against the surgeon. However, the details of the third complaint are unclear.

Bradford, who is married to a doctor as well, was allowed to continue his practice after the first few complaints. He had to have a female chaperone present when working with a female client. He was also limited to contacting his clients using only his work e-email or send letters from his work address.

However, the Cambridge graduate can now no longer practice as the General Medical Council has suspended him. While the probe continues, the father-of-three cannot see more patients. The malpractice investigation continues against the doctor who has 60 peer-reviewed papers and presented his work at 40 seminars.

Plastic surgeon Boucq displays a new silicone gel breast implant to replace a defective implant manufactured by French company Poly Implant Prothese after he removed it during a surgery operation in a clinic in Nice
Plastic surgeon suspended for sexual misconduct with clients. (representational image) REUTERS