An AI program called Amper has developed IAMAI, which is the first-ever music album with songs that have entirely been created by a machine learning program.

Makers of Amper are calling it a composer, performer and producer that will work alongside real life musicians to collaborate and create songs.

A single from the album recorded by artist Taryn Southern, called Break Free, reportedly has its chord structure and instrumentation composed entirely by Amper. The rest of the album is awaiting release.

When working with Amper, human musicians only need to input style and overall rhythm after which the AI can create a song in seconds, says the team. This, according to the team, is the major difference between the way Amper works when compared with other AI music assistants.

In a press release, they noted that "the process of releasing AI music has involved humans making significant manual changes – including alteration to chords and melodies – to the AI notation."

With Amper, however, there is very little legwork for human musicians to do and reinterpretation is not a necessity with file outputs "broadcast ready", claim the makers.

Amper, as a program, is available for use by musicians directly through their website. The team claims that all the music created by and through Amper is through a collaboration between artist and AI. So they say that there will be no royalty issues for the music which is made and that every piece of music arranged by Amper will be completely unique.

Music composer Drew Silverstein, one of the co-founders of the project, said in an earlier interview with TechCrunch that Amper is not a standalone musician and that it requires humans to interact with it.

He said, "One of our core beliefs as a company is that the future of music is going to be created in collaboration between humans and AI. We want that collaborative experience to propel the creative process forward."

Amper is not the first musically creative AI, but it is reportedly the first one to collaborate with actual artists in a composer/producer capacity.

Taryn Southern, the artist who has worked with Amper on this project is a YouTube musician with over 450,000 subscribers. The music video below is a single from the album IAMAI: