Power season 2 turned out to be the most watched series on the Starz network, with the premiere episode attracting 1.43 million viewers. No wonder that fans are now already curious to know what is in store when the show returns with its third season.

The Starz social media team has come up with a pretty unique way of telling fans what they can expect from season 3. People directly involved with the show have started sharing interesting plot details via Twitter.

Executive producer Courtney Kemp Agboh has talked about Tasha and Ghost's future together in the video below. So does this mean the couple would separate for good? And how do you think Angela will fit into this dynamic?

While Agboh has made it clear that as long as these two (Ghost and Tasha) continue to have the children, they will be intertwined in one another's lives. That is something that neither one of them would run away from. (Via Cartermatt)

Meanwhile, it looks like Julio might be getting a love interest in the third season. This info comes -- courtesy of the second video below -- via JR Martinez; but he has not been too specific about it.

Agboh has also revealed in a recent interview that there will be no major flashback scenes in Power season 3. "...as long as I'm running this show, you're not going to see a lot of flashbacks. You will see flashbacks of things you already saw," she told The Urban Daily.

There is no confirmation on the premiere date of Power season 3 as yet, but it is likely to follow the air dates of previous seasons and could air in June 2016, speculates Christian Today. Season 1 premiered in June 2014, followed by the season 2, which premiere in June 2015.