Numerous Premier League club doctors have raised concerns over the plans of resuming the current season. The doctors pointed out the risks that they would be exposed to if any of the players contract the virus.

The 20 club doctors have been discussing on their own regarding what is dubbed as "Project Restart." The medics also asked the Premier League to provide enough clarity over the medical protocols, testing plans, and the player welfare blueprint.

It has been understood that the Premier League is optimistic about resuming the season on June 8.

BBC reports that the Premier League views the move by the medics as a natural process, and they believe that it would help the authorities to come up with "the best possible set of protocols."

Sources also claim that the Premier League authorities are currently in talks with insurance companies regarding the issue of club and doctor liability. It has also been reported that this issue might be discussed with government representatives when they hold a video conference this week.

The Chief Executive Officer of the FMPA (Football Medicine and Performance Association), Eamonn Salmon said, "I guess the views of our members will be a kind of snapshot of society really. There are those who think it can be done, there are those that are doubtful and there are those that probably suggest it is an impossible task. We have to wait, this is a waiting game all the time, it is such a changing landscape and fluctuating on a day to day basis. "

A group of medical experts and public health officials are scheduled to meet on Wednesday. This very panel is reportedly devising the health and hygiene measures that clubs, their staff, players, and managers would be required to follow before participating in full training.

However, unless the UK government permits, the Premier League can't decide on the future of "Project Restart."

It has been understood that the government would review its lockdown measures later this week. On the other hand, the Premier League would organise a meeting with its clubs to vote on the season restart plans.

Meanwhile, several players, including Manchester City's Sergio Aguero, have expressed their concerns over the risks associated with the season restart. Now that the doctors, too, are concerned, it has to be seen whether and when "Project Restart" could come to fruition.

Premier League trophy
Premier League trophy