Pret's new superfood salad
Pret's new superfood salad Pret a Manger

A Pret a Manger in London's Soho is set to go entirely vegetarian and vegan for the whole of June as the company looks to expand its veggie-friendly produce. The move comes after customers asked for more veggie options and the company saw double-digit growth in vegetarian sales.

In a blog on the company's website, CEO Clive Schlee, launched Pret's 'Not Just For Veggies' campaign, which he describes as a "'call to arms' marketing campaign for veggie food". Schlee says that the company doesn't want to "evangelise" but instead, say that vegetarian food does not have to be just for vegetarians.

New veggie additions to the menu will include the Chana Chaat Flat Bread, a vegan Red Tapenade and Avo SuperBowl salad and a Mushroom and Avocado Sushi Salad. Pret chefs are currently working to replace the 40 meat and fish dishes currently on the menu with vegetarian and vegan options for the Soho store.

Other stores will sell two new veggie dishes each month during the summer too, so the company can trial the new food and see what customers think. "Pret is serious about providing veggie and vegan options," wrote Schlee.

The mushroom and avocado sushi salad is Pret's vegetarian take on the Hawaiian dish, Poke – set to become a big new foodie trend this year.