Pretty Little Liars season 7
Jenna shot Spencer in Pretty Little Liars season 7 summer finale Freeform

Major twists were seen in the summer finale of Pretty Little Liars season 7 and fans are eager for the show's return next year with the rest of the episodes to know whether Spencer Hastings is alive or not after Jenna shot her.

Show creator Marlene King has claimed that she is not sure whether the smartest liar would survive to learn more about her complicated and mysterious past. Meanwhile, Mary Drake, who has remained a stone-hearted lady all this while, finally broke down after seeing her long lost daughter lying in a pool of blood. But fans are yet to know who Charlotte and Spencer's father is.

According to King, the latest revelation will be emotional for Mary's daughter, especially as her life hangs in the balance. "Definitely, that was a huge revelation, not just for Spencer but for the Pretty Little Liars and for the show and for the storyline. It's definitely the driving engine for Spencer's emotional story as we come back next April," she told E! Online.

She also teased that the remaining 10 episodes of season 7 will focus on Spencer's backstory and how she ended up at the Hastings house. "We will definitely follow through on both of those storylines. We will find out who Charlotte's father is and we'll find out how Spencer came to be and her entire family dynamic. This storyline also originated from the books. In Sara Shepard's books, Spencer was adopted, with very early on gave us the idea for this storyline. We have a lot of fun in this final season, circling back to some of Sara's original concepts from the book," she said.

Spencer had a sad end in the summer finale. She was revealed as the sister of Charlotte aka CeCe Drake and had to say her final goodbye to Toby, who plans to leave Rosewood to start a new life with Yvonne.

However, fate has something else in store for him as he met with a car accident while the cursed town. King explained that Toby's accident is a signal that he cannot leave Rosewood as such.

"The car crash is sort of saying, 'No one ever really does leave Rosewood,' especially not from this group. It's really more of a metaphor than anything else. I don't want to talk about where it goes, but people know how much I love the character of Toby so you can read into that what you'll read into that. He's one of my favourites on the show. It would be hard to make that phone call to him."

Pretty Little Liars season 7 will continue in April 2017 on Freeform.