Prince Charles has called for a clampdown on the poaching of endangered species at a meeting of leading world figures in London.

"Today the government leaders assembled here will sign the London Declaration, committing to several bold new steps forward."

His two sons, Prince William and Harry were also present at the conference on Illegal Wildlife Trade, where a number of new measures were agreed. UK foreign secretary William Hague said nations were working together against the illegal ivory trade.

"Governments have committed themselves for the first time to renounce the use of products from species threatened with extinction. This is a very strong signal agreed by all the participating governments, that they will not procure the things that drive demand for illegal wildlife."

Illegal ivory poaching is on the rise and causing dramatic declines in African elephants, with only half the number left compared to 30 years ago. Other animals such as the Rhino are poached every 10 hours, with a rhino's horn now worth more than gold and platinum. This increasingly demand is mainly coming from the Asian economies that are expanding into Africa.

Written and presented by Alfred Joyner