A new report has claimed that Prince Harry has been trying very hard to keep himself in the spotlight due to his rivalry with his elder brother Prince William.

Angela Levin, author of "Harry: A Biography of a Prince," said that there was more to Harry's juggling routine in his wife Meghan Markle's birthday video than it seemed at first. According to the biographer, the Duke of Sussex likes "being naughty" as he wants the attention on him.

Levin told TalkRadio that the respect she had for Harry has "gone away" since she wrote his biography. She said about the royal's attitude: "I've thought about it, why I feel so strongly and one reason that has come to me is that when he was at Eton he hated being there and he decided he was going to be with the bad boys and I think Harry has got this streak, a lot of us have but we put it to one side of being bad and showing up."

"I think he is also looking to be more important than William and so he has got the ability now to do and say things that probably he couldn't do before and he can enjoy being naughty like he was playing with balls outside (during Meghan's video)," she added.

Levin also spoke about Harry's recent use of a friend's private jet to travel back from a charity polo match despite having "lectured" everyone on climate change and the need to fly less. She said: "It shows A, they are out of touch and B, that they are huge hypocrites. They tell all the world what we have to do, it is very important we must do it, but they don't think they are involved in that, they have exception because they are so grand and they are so important."

"But these private jets have at least 10 times more damage to the atmosphere than a commercial jet and 50 times more damage than if he went by train but of course none of this applies to him," she added.

Levin dubbed it "outrageous" that Harry says we all have to be compassionate when he and his wife Meghan Markle have been publicly feuding with their own families, and encourages others to have only two children when he himself jets around.

The author said that people are "beginning to see all the hypocrisy" with the Sussexes, which is evident because they lost many followers on Instagram. However, some believe that it is largely due to the fact that the couple closed the account for good upon their exit as working royals in March last year.

Meghan Markle, Prince Harry and Prince William
Meghan Markle, Prince Harry and Prince William. Photo: AFP / Tolga AKMEN