Prince Harry appeared more nervous next to confident Meghan Markle when they talked about their past in the "Harry & Meghan" series, according to a body language expert.

The expert, Darren Stanton, pointed out key moments in the docuseries that showed the couple with their "true emotions." He cited that when they recalled their first date, the Duke of Sussex showed signs of "nervousness" and "embarrassment."

The couple revealed they met on Instagram and got to chatting and then texting before they finally decided to meet in person for the first time. On their first date, he was nearly an hour late because of traffic. Prince Harry admitted at that time that he was "panicking" "freaking out" and "sweating" so badly that he arrived looking flushed.

Stanton told the New York Post, "Whilst speaking about their first date, Prince Harry started to go a little bit red, which is congruent with embarrassment. He then started to touch his face and nose — signals which are referred to as pacifying gestures."

He continued, "When we think about a memory the unconscious mind believes we are reliving it, so, therefore, evokes all of the emotion that the person felt in that memory." For the duke, Stanton said relieving their first date made him "go red and become fidgety." He came across as "jittery and quite nervous."

However, the Duchess of Sussex was "the most confident" during the interview and she appeared "calm and controlled." Stanton owed this to her former acting career which required her to perform at her best for the cameras.

The body language expert noticed that there was no "deceptive behaviour" in Prince Harry's part, or that he was "faking his emotions for the cameras" when he talked about his wife. The same goes for Meghan Markle, who Stanton noticed "her eyebrows came up and her face dropped" when she recalled hugging Prince William and Kate Middleton when they first met and then later realising that hugging would be "jarring for a lot of Brits." He said the duchess showed emotions of embarrassment and shame when she recalled the memory.

These observations came from the first three episodes of "Harry & Meghan" which are now available to stream on Netflix. The remaining three episodes will air on Dec. 15.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
The Duke and Duchess of Sussex Prince Harry and Meghan Markle at the Thanksgiving Service at St. Paul's Cathedral on June 3. Photo: Karwai Tang/WireImage Karwai Tang/WireImage