The memory of Diana Princess of Wales has begun to wane over the years since her death 19 years ago, when she was killed, along with her partner Dodi Fayed, in a car crash in Paris.

The British monarchy was rocked in the fallout of her death and was subject to an outpouring of hostility over its alleged cold treatment of the 'People's Princess'. But since then, it has regained popularity, and Diana is no longer talked about like she once was, while her son William and his wife Catherine, and their children, are shaping a happier and brighter time for the royal family.

But for some, the turbulent years after Diana's death, which nearly "brought the monarchy to its knees" are something of the past and are best kept there. So eyebrows were raised this week when Prince Harry was caught on camera openly talking of his regret over not talking about his mother's sudden death.

Prince Harry
Prince Harry takes part in a round table discussion with HIV doctors as part of his desire to learn more and raise public awareness in the fight against HIV and AIDS both internationally and in the UK at King's College Hospital Matt Dunham

While at a barbeque event in support of the mental health campaign Heads Together, 32-year-old Prince Harry told Rio Ferdinand that he had not spoken about Diana's death until he was 28.

"It's OK to suffer, but as long as you talk about it. It is not a weakness. Weakness is having a problem and not recognising it and not solving that problem," he later told the BBC. "A lot of people think if you've got a job, if you've got financial security, if you've got a family, you've got a house, all that sort of stuff, everyone seems to think that is all you need and you are absolutely fine to deal with stuff."

Prince Harry 30th birthday
August 9, 1988: Young Prince Harry is held by his mother Princess Diana at Marivent Palace in Palma de Mallorca, where the Prince and Princess of Wales were holidaying as guests of King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia of Spain Reuters

Now anonymous sources have come forward to say that Harry suffered his grief in silence, for fear of upsetting his father, Prince Charles, and his then-lover Camilla Parker-Bowles. Charles and Camilla married in 2005.

Princess Diana
Princess Diana holds her Prince William, 6, and Prince Harry, 3, (front) during a photo session on 9 August 1987 in Palma de Mallorca, Spain Reuters

"For a long time, they [Princes Harry and William] worried, and those around them worried, too, that whatever they said about their mother could be misinterpreted as somehow being critical of the Prince of Wales," said an aide, according to the Daily Mail.

"The whole Diana subject was tricky, and their sensitivity about saying anything was noticeable.

"They were often upset when their mother's name cropped up, especially when books about her came out, but there was this reluctance to say or do much."

The situation was made more sensitive as Diana had publically announced that Charles had a long-term affair during her infamous interview with Martin Bashir for BBC's Panorama, and acknowledged that she also had extra-marital affairs.

While Diana had a strained relationship with the royal family, in the years before her death she used her popularity to bring attention to various charitable causes. Harry, his military career at an end, is now proudly carrying on his mother's work. He once said: "I believe I've got a lot of my mother in me."

"Like his mother, he has an emotional intelligence, is tactile, too, and, like her, connects easily with people," a source told BBC. "He is not afraid to show his humanity. Shining a light onto forgotten children around the world seems a very natural thing for him to do."

princess diana
The Princess of Wales is interviewed by the BBC's Martin Bashir (R) in the current affairs program, Panorama, 20 November 1995 Getty

Even the Queen now has softened towards her public attitude towards Diana and her impact on the monarchy, largely because of Prince Harry and Prince William.

"Perhaps, after all, we have rather a lot to thank Diana for," she said, according to a source quoted by the Daily Mail.

As the Queen approached her 90th birthday, she reportedly said: "She would never say now that Diana hasn't contributed to the family. She sees how much Diana radiates out of William and Harry and the effect they have on ordinary people. It is Diana that they see. That sense of fun, that easy way with people."

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Princess Diana poses with her sons Harry and William, and Prince Charles to watch VJ Day parade in 19 August 1995. Getty