The royals are bracing for a tell-all from Prince Harry in his memoir, and there are concerns that he will shame not just Camilla but also Kate Middleton.

Royal commentator Kinsey Schofield discussed the Duke of Sussex's upcoming book and his decision not to attend Prince Philip's memorial. She called it disheartening that he could not be there to join the service at Westminster Abbey on March 29.

She cited the lack of police protection as his probable reason for pulling out of the memorial, but she pointed out that it is a family affair so he is bound to get security as well. She called his decision "just a silly excuse to not come out and meet the Queen."

Speaking to GB News, Schofield said, "If Prince Harry and Meghan Markle and their children did come to celebrate the life of Prince Philip at the end of this month, I can assure you that the Royal Family would go out of their way to make sure that they were safe and secure and that they had all of the security they needed."

The ToDiForDaily founder then shared what she has learned about the Duke of Sussex's memoir. She claimed that "there are concerns about Harry disrespecting Camilla and God forbid, disrespecting perhaps the Duchess of Cambridge."

She also commented on the timing of the book's release later this year. She said, "I interviewed Richard Fitzwilliams, he said something to me and he says how arrogant and yucky it is to release this book during the Queen's Jubilee year that we're expecting at the end of the year."

Schofield added, "I do think this is a mistake for Prince Harry. It's hard to sympathise with him, which is ultimately what Meghan and Harry are trying to get from people when their actions don't match their words."

The royal family has reportedly been warned that Prince Harry has "plenty to tell" in his book as it is expected to be "controversial." The 37-year old will provide wholly truthful accounts of his life in his memoir and it will provide insights from his childhood until fatherhood.

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Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry were in high spirits during the event Getty