Prince William
Prince William to attend Cambridge University for farming course Reuters

Prince William will be returning to university for a 10-week course in management.

The Duke of Cambridge will study a bespoke programme in agricultural management at his namesake city university.

A Buckingham Palace spokesperson said: "The executive education programme of seminars, lectures and meetings will draw on the strengths of academics across the university. It will start in early January and run until mid-March.

"The course has been designed to help provide the duke with an understanding of contemporary issues affecting agricultural business and rural communities in the United Kingdom."

It is thought that William will take on more duties from his father, Prince Charles, who is deeply involved in agriculture, if he becomes king.

He is believed to have signed up in preparation for his future role as the Duchy of Cornwall, which he will one day take over from Charles.

William left the RAF in September after serving for almost eight years to take on more royal duties following the birth of his son, Prince George.

He graduated with a degree in geography from the University of St Andrews in 2005.

Following the agriculture course, William, Kate Middleton and George look set to go on their first overseas tour as a family, when they visit Australia and New Zealand.

William and Kate will leave for New Zealand in April but the official itinerary has yet to be finalised. The palace said it has not been confirmed if George would accompany them.

"It is anticipated that Prince George will accompany their royal highnesses but a decision will be made in due course."