Prank texts were sent from Ellie Goulding's phone at "Michael McIntyre's Big Show" on Saturday, but no one expected the overwhelming poem, the message received in response from Princess Beatrice.

Ellie Goulding who made an appearance at the "Michael McIntyre's Big Show" with husband Caspar Jopling, was taking part in a "Text To All" segment of the show. In the segment, Michael McIntrye borrows a celebrity guest's cell phone and sends a text message to all of their contacts, without revealing to the recipients that he is behind the message. On Saturday's episode, the comedian sent prank texts from the "Love Me Like You Do" singer's cellphone, and one of the messages was addressed to Princess Beatrice of York, reports People.

The 32-year-old gaped as McIntyre typed the message he was sending to Goulding's contacts that read: "This might sound a bit weird but I'm writing a song all about you. I'd love some help with the lyrics."

Gonna be on @MMBigShow tonight and you’ll find out what happened when I gave Michael my phone 😬

— Ellie Goulding (@elliegoulding) December 14, 2019

"I'm on the verse about the first time we met. What do you remember about that unforgettable moment? And if you can make it rhyme even better. Hurry! I'm in the studio right now and my creative juices are flowing lol x," the text further read.

And while Goulding sat at the balcony of the London Palladium nervously giggling, she received her first response, from her father-in-law Nicholas Jopling who wrote: "oh wow. Going into a quiet corner," and then followed it with a song he wrote to help Goulding. And the second text came from Princess Beatrice, but McIntyre, unaware of who she was, asked Goulding "who is Beatrice."

"She's a very good friend of ours," the Grammy-winner replied. When McIntyre quizzed Goulding "she's not in the royal family," she nodded and said "umm. yeah."

Then McIntyre went ahead to read on the show the adorable poem the British royal wrote for her "dearest friend." The song penned by the 31-year-old read: "My dearest friend I love so dearly. I feel so lucky, I adore this girl so clearly. From wedding chats to Saturday evening, I adore this lady with every feeling. There truly isn't a time that our friendship could equal a rhyme."

Princess Beatrice
Princess Beatrice attends a lunch after the National Service of Thanksgiving as part of the 90th birthday celebrations for The Queen Getty

The next morning, the singer shared on social media a collage of her reactions during the segment, and wrote on Instagram: "which one are you today? I'm 11." The 11th picture shows Goulding with her face planted in her hands.

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Which one are you today? I’m 11 🥴

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Beatrice and Goulding have been close friends for a long time and Goulding's association with the royal family goes beyond that. The British royal and her sister Princess Eugenie were also in attendance at the wedding of Goulding with Caspar Jopling at York Minster in August this year.

The "Anything Could Happen" singer also attended Eugenie's royal wedding to Jack Brooksbank in October last year, where she also performed at a festival-style event. Goulding also gave a performance at the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton in 2011. She sang her own rendition of Elton John's "Your Song" for the couple's first dance. She was also in attendance at the 2018 wedding of Prince Harry to Meghan Markle.